Canivau multivit

Canivau multivit

Minerals and vitamins supplement to support immunity and metabolism caused by stress or intensified physical activity.

200 g.
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7,03 €/pcs
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CANIVAU - multivit contains carefully selected vitamins and organically bonded minerals to supplement your dog’s meal. If your dog suffers stress or intensive physical activity, this product supports dog’s metabolism and provides nutrients indispensible for healthy metabolism of your dog.

CANIVAU - multivit food supplement contains 20 minerals and vitamins complex of high bio-accessibility therefore their absorption and efficiency is at a high level.

Contains organic minerals in form of proteinase: zinc, manganese, copper, iron and selenium, essential for optimal functioning of enzyme system. Features of these chemical elements make them highly effective without unwanted side effects.

Doesn't contain inorganic substances of phosphorus, therefore it is safe for kidneys of your dog and is appropriate for older dogs.

Doesn't contain substances that could provoke allergic reaction, therefore is suitable for sensitive dogs (dogs suffering allergies).

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Product features:

  • Prevention of essential vitamins and minerals deficiency
  • Contains organically bonded minerals in traces that are highly bio-accessible
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals in balanced ratio

Canivau-multivit - is recommended for:

  • Hypovitaminosis and mineral deficiency prevention
  • Supports immune system and metabolism in the case of stress or excessive physical activity
  • Supports organism during gravidity and lactation

Use and dosage:

  • Mix the powder into the food in the amount listed in the dosage instructions: (g/day)
  • Used as a supplement in a balanced meal (commercially available functional food for dogs) as the supplement to immune system and metabolism in the case of stress, gravidity, lactation and intensified physical activity

Recommended usage:

Dog's weight
Canivau - multivit
Canivau - multivit
*(measurement spoon)/day
5 kg 1 g 3
10 kg 2 g 4
20 kg 3 g 5
30 kg 4 g 6
40 kg 5 g 7

*One spoon contains 5 g

Cautionary measures:

  • Recommended daily dose must not be exceeded!


  • 200 g

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