Canivau flexi

Canivau flexi

Support to maintain health of bones and joints in dogs. Support joints metabolism in the case of osteoarthritis.

180 g.
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CANIVAU - flexi is a source of nutrients essential for regeneration and stimulation of recovery of the joint cartilage in dogs that need additional support due to joint system pathological processes development.
Capacity for recovery and reparation of joint cartilage in dogs is limited. Osteoarthritis may arise in obese dogs, elder dogs, or in breeds having genetic predisposition (big and gigantic breeds of dogs).

CANIVAU - flexi is indispensable support in joint system treatment, if used it can slow down progression process of damaging joint cartilage and it provides it’s partial regeneration.

Protective effect is obvious through improved joint mobility, lower inflammation and painfulness, and additional slowdown of processes that can lead to irreversible joint cartilage damage.

Antioxidants complex added to this product protects organism from free radicals effect and oxidative stress that boosts in the case of inflammatory processes development in body.

  • CANIVAU - flexi food supplement contains following active substances: glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) all of which have anti-inflammatory effect, contribute to pain relief and improves joints mobility. Glucosamine sulfate boost synovial liquid production and joint cartilage healing.
  • Chondroitin sulfate keeps cartilage elasticity and has protective effect to joint cartilage. MSM is a source of organically bonded sulfate that has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, providing pain relief and joint mobility boosting.

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Product features:

  • Slows down joint cartilage damage progression
  • Stimulates joint cartilage regeneration and reparation
  • Protective and anti-inflammatory effect leads to lower pain and increased joint mobility

Canivau-flexi - is aimed to be used as:

  • Supplement used in joints system illnesses treatment
  • Slowing down of progression of degenerative processes in joints system in obese dogs and old dogs
  • Supplement that contributes to health of joint cartilage in working and active dogs
  • Supplement that contributes in healing process after osteo-muscular system surgery

Use and dosage:

  • Mix the powder into the food in the amount listed in the dosage instructions: (g/day)

Recommended daily dose:

Weight of dog
Canivau - flexi
Canivau - flexi
*(measurement spoon)/day
5 kg 1,5 g 3
10 kg 3 g 5
20 kg 6 g 7
30 kg 9 g 7
40 kg 12 g 7

*One spoon contains 4 g

Recommended usage period:

  • Up to 3 months
  • It is recommended to seek veterinary advice before usage or extended usage
  • Please, seek veterinary advice in the case Canivau-flexi is used after recommended 3 months period due to degenerative joints illnesses treatment (osteoarthritis)

Cautionary measures:

  • Recommended daily dose must not be exceeded!

Product package

  • 180 g

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