Canivau balancer

Canivau balancer

Supplement containing minerals and vitamins to provide balanced meal for each dog.

280 g.
5,04 € +VAT
6,30 €/pcs
price does not include shipping costs

CANIVAU – balancer contains 20 minerals and vitamins complex that have a high level of bio-availability, therefore their efficiency is high. Meal consisting cooked ingredients, depending on its composition, usually is not balanced. To prevent lack of essential vitamins and minerals that is harmful for your pet health, meals have to be supplemented with adequate food supplements.

CANIVAU – balancer will turn each cooked meal into balanced meal

Carefully selected vitamins and organically bonded minerals make your dog’s meal balanced organic minerals in form of proteinase: zinc, manganese, copper, iron and selenium, essential for optimal functioning of enzyme system, carefully selected to be used in this supplement boost their efficiency in organism, without unwanted actions. Calcium and phosphorus added in amount that forms optimal balance in each meal. Suitable for sensitive dogs (dogs having allergies).

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Product features:

  • Prevention of essential minerals deficit
  • Contains organically bonded minerals of high bio-availability
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals in balanced ratio

Canivau-balancer - is aimed for:

  • Dogs fed with meals made of cooked ingredients
  • Achieving balanced eliminatory diet in allergic dogs
  • Prevention of hypovitaminosis and mineral deficiency

CANIVAU – must not be cooked or heated.

Use and dosage:

  • Mix the powder into the food in the amount listed in the dosage instructions: (g/day)
  • Total amount may be divided into daily meals
  • Meal made of cooked ingredients (approximately 2/3 meat ingredients and 1/3 carbohydrate ingredients)

Recommended dosage:

Dogs older than
15 months* (kg)
Canivau - balancer
Canivau - balancer
*(measuring spoon)/day
5 kg 2,5 g 3
10 kg 5 g 6
20 kg 7 g 7
30 kg 9 g 7
40 kg 11 g 7

*One spoon contains 6,5 g

Cautionary measures:

  • If dog is under age of 15 months, please seek veterinary nutritionist or veterinary advice to define the optimal dosage of the supplement; the optimal dosage depends on the age of dog, breed, body mass and basic ingredients of a meal
  • During gravidity and lactation period, please seek veterinary nutritionist or veterinary advice to define the optimal dosage of the supplement, the optimal dosage depends on the number of (expected) puppies, body mass and basic ingredients of a meal

Cautionary measures:

  • Recommended daily dose must not be exceeded!


  • 280 g

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